Why is building a granny flat a better option than a home extension.


Granny flats are a great way to add value to your home, keep loved ones close and make a financial investment. The second-storey extension will increase your living space and, if done properly, add enormous value to your home.

The question is: which way should you go? Can you fit a granny flat on your property? Or would you prefer to simply add to your current home?


Do You Need More Space but Don’t Know What Route to Take?


It may seem like common sense to suggest that an extension is the best option, NOT a granny flat, if you have limited space in your house. But we beg to differ… in certain circumstances.

Extensions can increase the floor area of your home and are easy to get planning permission for. However, extensions can be time-consuming, messy, and not always the best solution.

But, what’s the alternative?

A granny flat may seem like an odd idea, but it could be a better solution, particularly if space problems are temporary. Here are some reasons from Perth’s granny flats specialists that might be the best option for you if you need a little more space.


Why is a Granny Flat a Better Investment?


A Separate Space for Your Needs


Just because it is called a “granny flat” doesn’t mean it is just for grannies. Granny flats can be customised to suit any purpose. Because they are built separately from the rest of your house, they offer peace and quiet where an extension can’t.

Granny apartments offer many lifestyle benefits that a home extension can’t. Because they are separate from the main home, granny flats can be used as a place to retreat to play for children or family members who can’t afford their own space.

As more people work from home, granny flats are becoming increasingly popular for their flexibility and freedom.

It’s easy to see why they are so popular when you consider the many gorgeous and affordable granny flat designs available.


You Can Rent Out Your Granny Flat


Granny flat owners profit greatly from their investment. If you own the granny flat and the land on which it is located and it is built to a high standard, you can rent the space.

You can rent to a long-term tenant if you wish, either a relative or a friend. But you could also list your granny flat on a site like Airbnb.

This is a growing trend, especially if the property is in a prime location and you have designed and decorated it to attract guests.


Your Home Remains Undisturbed.


The construction of an extension will involve tearing down walls, having builders move around your stuff, as well as the inevitable cost of remodelling.

On the other hand, a granny flat construction is a simple, efficient way to gain the additional space that you need without living on a building site.

You will have greater control over how long you live in your home by having a separate space in your garden. It can be modified as needed or used to house an elderly relative.

A granny flat is a smart investment that will allow you to create the future you desire.


Can You Construct a Granny Flat Larger Than 60sqm?


Yes. But this will depend on your land size and the regulations of your local council. However, common ground floor extensions can reach up to 80 sqm.

Keep in mind that an extension costs more than simply the extension. So, weigh all the costs before you decide to go ahead with the extension. A 60 sqm extension could save you between $20, 000 and $75, 000 depending on how good your materials are. This can be enough to pay for most, if not all, of the furniture and curtains.


Can You Add a Granny Flat to Your Main House?


Yes, it is known as an “attached granny flat.”

This is a structure that is attached to your home. It is basically an extension of your current home, joined by at least one wall.

However, it is important to note that there cannot be an entry between the granny and the main house—each granny must have its own entrance.


Could a Home Extension Be a Better Investment?


To see a financial return, a house extension should be considered a long-to medium-term investment. Typically, five or more years.

If you are planning to stay in your home for a while, your home expansion should almost pay for itself in terms of financial gain.

Extensions can be added to your home to increase the floor space and are reasonably easy to obtain planning permission for. However, they are slower, messier, and more expensive than constructing a granny flat.


Superior Choice Granny Flats Are Here to Help


Based on how much space your property has, and whether you’re looking to build out or create a separate property with privacy and security, granny flats in Perth and home extensions both have their advantages.

Financially, however, granny flats may be a better option as they are less expensive and can be rented out for a short time to make money, while a home extension is long-term investment.

Superior Choice Granny Flats offers high-quality granny homes at affordable prices. We are granny flat specialists and can complete your project quickly so that you don’t have to wait while you enjoy your small, well-designed home. Call to schedule a visit to our model home to discuss your vision.

Are you thinking about getting a granny flat in your investment property or your current residential home in Perth?


It is a great idea, and a no-stress way to generate a new income stream. After all, a granny flat is designed in such a way that it can be detached and attached wherever you want.

You can also make this area an additional room for guests; or a storeroom, a hobby room, a library, a study and more. Lately, we have had an increasing amount of enquiries on two bedroom granny flats, so we are discussing some of the advantages of a two-bedroom granny flat design.


More rooms means more rental yield

Perth’s rental market is at an all time high, there is no doubt about that. This is why more, and more West Aussies are considering a granny flat investment to maximise the demand for housing. With that being said, the co-living revolution is also taking over Perth. Now imagine getting two good tenants, rather than just one. Who could say no to an extra $400 a week in rent?


You can consider hosting homestays

Two bedroom granny flat designs are more suitable for providing bed and breakfast homestays for travellers than a one bedroom granny flat. By investing in this, you can consider putting your granny flat on Airbnb. This will get you an extra income more frequently than giving the monthly rents and you can provide homely stays for tourists.


You can help local elderly people, or your ageing parents

You may not have any elders in your house, but did you know that you could consider registering your two bedroom granny flat design with the nearest nursing home for elder care services? The regulatory bodies will make on-time payments, and provide all the assistance required to house older citizens. The income you earn, however, may not be as much as compared to long-term or short term rentals, but this is a great way to help your community.

If you have aged parents that cannot live on their own anymore for any reason like medical care, bed-ridden, or they live far away that it’s not easy to reach them in time of emergency, you can build a two bedroom granny flat that could be the perfect home away from home for them.


You can accommodate a growing family

As our kids grow up, they want their own bedrooms, and want some privacy. A two bedroom granny flat design is the best for homeowners that have kids entering their teenage years. Your child will have their own living space, under your watchful eye.


It is less expensive than renovating or building an extension

The most wonderful part of a two bedroom granny flat design is that they cost less than the actual house! You are investing in a private extension to your home, without the price tag that comes with a knock-down and renovate project.


Contact the best granny flat building company, and get the best ideas for a two bedroom granny flat design in Perth! We look forward to hearing from you soon regarding your new granny flat installation in Perth.