A veranda is a versatile and functional feature that can add value to any home. They provide a transition between the indoors and outdoors, offering an ideal space for relaxing, entertaining, and enjoying the beautiful weather.


Today we’re going to explore some ideas on how you can get the most out of your veranda, what design and style options are out there for you if you’re considering a new veranda, and what Superior Choice Granny Flats Perth can do to help when it comes to designing, building, and styling your veranda.

How can I make the most of a veranda?

Whether you have a small balcony or a spacious wrap-around veranda, there are countless ways to make the most of this unique and functional space. Here are some ideas on how to make the most of your veranda.

Turn it into an outdoor living room

One of the most popular uses for verandas is as an outdoor living room. Add comfortable seating, a coffee table, and side tables to create a cosy space where you can relax and entertain guests. You can also add outdoor curtains to provide privacy and shade.

Create an outdoor kitchen

For those who love to cook and entertain, a veranda can be transformed into an outdoor kitchen. Add a grill, counter space, and storage for a functional and stylish space that’s perfect for cooking, eating, and entertaining.

Make it a dining area

Turn your veranda into an outdoor dining area by adding a table and chairs. This is a great option for those who love to host dinner parties or simply enjoy dining al fresco.

Turn it into a garden oasis

If you have a green thumb, you can transform your veranda into a beautiful garden oasis. Add potted plants, raised beds, and garden accessories to create a tranquil and relaxing space.

Use it as a workspace

For those who work from home, a veranda can be a great option for a home office. Add a desk, comfortable chair, and good lighting to create a functional workspace that offers a change of scenery.

Turn it into a children’s play area

If you have children or children that often visit, you can turn your veranda into a fun and interactive play area. Add toys, games, and play equipment to create a safe and engaging space for kids.

Make it a relaxation station

Create a relaxing retreat on your veranda by adding a hot tub, hammock, or lounge chairs. This is a great option for those who love to unwind and enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors.

Add a deck

If you have a larger veranda, consider adding a deck to extend your outdoor living space. This is a great option for those who love to entertain or simply enjoy spending time outdoors.

Use it as a storage area

If you’re short on storage space, consider turning your veranda into a storage area. Add shelving, cabinets, and storage containers to create a functional and organised space.

Turn it into a yoga studio

If you’re a fitness enthusiast, you can turn your veranda into a yoga studio. Add a yoga mat, blocks, and other props to create a peaceful and relaxing space for yoga and meditation.

How can I style my veranda?

A veranda can be styled in so many ways depending on your tastes and what you intend to do with the space. For example, if you want to transform your veranda into an outdoor kitchen, you’ll want strong lighting that means you’re not fumbling around in the dark when you need to cut an onion. If you want to make it into an outdoor entertainment hub, you’ll want the option for soft and inviting lighting. Here are some ways to style a veranda.


Install lighting fixtures such as lanterns, string lights, or wall-mounted sconces to create a warm and inviting ambience in the evenings.


Add flooring options such as decking, tile, or stone to provide a durable and attractive surface that is easy to maintain.


Add outdoor furniture such as chairs, tables, sofas, and umbrellas to create a comfortable and inviting outdoor living space.


Add decorative elements such as potted plants, flowers, or artwork to enhance the visual appeal of the space.

Cooking and dining

Install a grill or outdoor kitchen area for cooking and dining. Add a dining table and chairs for outdoor meals.


Install an outdoor TV or sound system for entertainment.

Privacy screens

Add privacy screens or curtains to create a more private and intimate space.


Install retractable awnings or shades to provide protection from the sun and rain.

Colour palette

Choose a colour palette that complements the style and design of your home, and use it to decorate the veranda.

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What design options are there for a veranda?

Verandas come in a variety of designs, so you’re sure to find one that suits your needs and personal style. Here are some of the most popular design options for verandas.


The traditional veranda style features columns, a pitched roof, and a railing that surrounds the perimeter. This design style is commonly found in older homes and offers a classic and timeless look.


The modern veranda style is sleek and minimalist, featuring clean lines, simple shapes, and a neutral colour palette. This style is perfect for those who prefer a contemporary look.


The rustic veranda style is characterised by natural materials such as wood and stone and is often seen in rural or country settings. This style offers a warm and cosy feel, perfect for those who love the outdoors.


A wrap-around veranda is a large and spacious option that wraps around the perimeter of the house. This style is perfect for those who love to entertain or simply enjoy a lot of outdoor living space.


A screened veranda is a great option for those who want to enjoy the great outdoors without the hassle of bugs and other pests. This design features screens or mesh panels that keep pests at bay while still allowing you to enjoy the fresh air.


A balcony veranda is a smaller and more compact option that is typically found on the upper level of a home. This design is perfect for those who want to enjoy a beautiful view or a small outdoor living space.


A roof-top veranda is a unique option that is typically found on top of a building or home. This style offers a stunning view and is perfect for those who want to enjoy a unique outdoor living experience.

No matter what your personal style or needs are, there’s a veranda design that’s perfect for you. Choose the one that best suits your needs and enjoy the many benefits of this versatile and functional outdoor living space.

What can Superior Choice Granny Flats do to help?

Superior Choice Granny Flats can help you with the design and construction of your veranda in several ways.

Design consultation

Superior Choice Granny Flats offers design consultation services to help you choose the perfect veranda style and design for your needs. They will work with you to understand your vision, budget, and preferences and help you create the perfect outdoor living space.


Superior Choice Granny Flats offers customisation options to ensure that your veranda meets your specific needs and preferences. Whether you want a wrap-around veranda or a modern, minimalist design, they can help you make it a reality.


Superior Choice Granny Flats has a team of experienced builders and craftsmen who will construct your veranda to the highest standards. They use only the best materials and techniques to ensure that your veranda is built to last and provides a safe and functional outdoor living space.

Project management

Superior Choice Granny Flats offers project management services to ensure that your veranda project runs smoothly from start to finish. They will handle all aspects of the project, including permitting, inspections, and scheduling, so you can sit back and enjoy the results.

If you’re interested in adding a veranda to your granny flat, Superior Choice Granny Flats can help make your vision a reality. Contact them today to learn more about their design and construction services.

Final words

In conclusion, a veranda can be transformed into a beautiful and functional outdoor living area with the right design and styling choices. Whether you prefer a traditional, modern, rustic, or contemporary look, there are many options available to suit your needs and preferences.

To achieve the best results, it’s important to work with a reputable and experienced granny flat builder such as Superior Choice Granny Flats. Their team of custom granny flats Perth experts can help you create the perfect outdoor living space for your home, taking into account your specific needs, budget, and style preferences.

To learn more about the services offered by Superior Choice Granny Flats. Their team of custom granny flats Perth experts can help you create the perfect indoor and outdoor spaces and how they can help you create your dream veranda, simply get in touch with the team today.