Creative Interior design ideas can transform your home into a calm, soothing haven from the world, a hip and eclectic artist’s space or the ultimate in contemporary refinement.


It all comes down to a little creative expression and an understanding of the residents’ lifestyle to to successfully transform a space into a picture-perfect delight.

Today’s renovators are getting more inventive when it comes to design. And nowhere is this as obvious than in the art they are choosing to dress up their homes with. 

For those considering their own home transformation, we have put together some effective interior design ideas to help set you on the path to a masterful renovation! 


Spice it up with murals!


Murals include prints, patterns and intricate geometry, applied directly to your walls as a painting or wallpaper. Such pieces can add a pop of personality to a boring, empty wall. It can also become a central focus that you can build the rest of your design off. 


Storage places


You can never have enough storage. It’s a tried and true design rule that is prompting architectural designers to seek ways to incorporate storage in every itty bitty space. While some are finding ways to incorporate storage in their stairs, others are building secret rooms, with hidden access points adding to the sense of whimsy. 


Have a focal point


Another proven design rule is that every attractive room features a focal point, otherwise known as a centrepiece.

Your focal point or centrepiece has the power to grab the attention of your guests immediately upon entering your home. And it can be anything, whether it’s a stunning mural, a sophisticated chandelier or an exquisitely beautiful couch, it will ooze style!


Popular Themes


Working with a theme allows you to build cohesion without being mundane or boring. Some popular themes include bohemian, minimalism, art deco, mid-century fashion, urban, Scandinavian, traditional, or perhaps industrial styles. These themes are a few from an endless theme list.

With a theme that satisfies your taste and lifestyle, a melody of technique and design will work its way from room to room. And for those thinking of building or revamping  Granny flats Perth, a carefully chosen theme is a must.


Green and bright


Nothing is more attractive than an airy-green room. Adding a touch of nature provides genuine vibrancy, which induces that relaxed state we tend to revert to when outdoors. Statement plants in groupings or strategically placed make your home seem more comfortable and ventilated.

As a  Granny flat builder, we cannot emphasise enough the impact of carefully positioned windows to make a small space seem bright, big and airy.  Allow Superior Choice Granny Flats to be the architect of your dreams – we’re even experts in building custom granny flats Perth, for that unique result just for you.