The idea of having a granny flat is becoming very common in today’s market. Almost everyone in Australia is looking forward to building this little space on their property. Building a granny flat for your property can be for various reasons.


What is a granny flat?

A granny flat, also known as a ‘secondary dwelling’ is an added space in a property, the purpose of which is to house people like ageing parents, relatives, and children who want a certain degree of independence. If you wish, you can also turn your granny flat into an extra source of income for yourself by renting it out to someone. A granny flat keeps your privacy as well as the person to whom you are renting it out. Over time, granny flats have grown in popularity and are now becoming very common. Simply put, a granny flat is just a petite version of a normal-sized home.


Can a granny flat be built just anywhere?

The answer to this question in short is simple, no. Granny flats can only be built on properties located in a residential area. These types of spaces cannot be built on any sort of commercial property.

An important thing to remember is that the owner of the main house has to be the owner of the additionally added space too with no other owner.


Here are a few more points you need to keep in mind when thinking about constructing a granny flat on your property:

  •       Each house is allowed to have a maximum of one granny flat with a total living space of 60m².
  •       The space surrounding the flat should be big enough to have an uninterrupted, clear passage and entrance for the people residing in the granny flat, so they don’t disturb your privacy.
  •       There should be enough car parking space for your tenants.
  •       The windows and door of your house need to face away from the granny flats to keep privacy intact.

If you’re still doubting your decision of constructing a granny flat, here’s an interesting fact for you. Having a granny flat gives rise to the value of your property. Some sources say it can add up to 30% value to your home.

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