Are you thinking about getting a granny flat in your investment property or your current residential home in Perth?


It is a great idea, and a no-stress way to generate a new income stream. After all, a granny flat is designed in such a way that it can be detached and attached wherever you want.

You can also make this area an additional room for guests; or a storeroom, a hobby room, a library, a study and more. Lately, we have had an increasing amount of enquiries on two bedroom granny flats, so we are discussing some of the advantages of a two-bedroom granny flat design.


More rooms means more rental yield

Perth’s rental market is at an all time high, there is no doubt about that. This is why more, and more West Aussies are considering a granny flat investment to maximise the demand for housing. With that being said, the co-living revolution is also taking over Perth. Now imagine getting two good tenants, rather than just one. Who could say no to an extra $400 a week in rent?


You can consider hosting homestays

Two bedroom granny flat designs are more suitable for providing bed and breakfast homestays for travellers than a one bedroom granny flat. By investing in this, you can consider putting your granny flat on Airbnb. This will get you an extra income more frequently than giving the monthly rents and you can provide homely stays for tourists.


You can help local elderly people, or your ageing parents

You may not have any elders in your house, but did you know that you could consider registering your two bedroom granny flat design with the nearest nursing home for elder care services? The regulatory bodies will make on-time payments, and provide all the assistance required to house older citizens. The income you earn, however, may not be as much as compared to long-term or short term rentals, but this is a great way to help your community.

If you have aged parents that cannot live on their own anymore for any reason like medical care, bed-ridden, or they live far away that it’s not easy to reach them in time of emergency, you can build a two bedroom granny flat that could be the perfect home away from home for them.


You can accommodate a growing family

As our kids grow up, they want their own bedrooms, and want some privacy. A two bedroom granny flat design is the best for homeowners that have kids entering their teenage years. Your child will have their own living space, under your watchful eye.


It is less expensive than renovating or building an extension

The most wonderful part of a two bedroom granny flat design is that they cost less than the actual house! You are investing in a private extension to your home, without the price tag that comes with a knock-down and renovate project.


Contact the best granny flat building company, and get the best ideas for a two bedroom granny flat design in Perth! We look forward to hearing from you soon regarding your new granny flat installation in Perth.