Just like your home, a granny flat should be designed to provide a place of safety, security, and comfort for you and your loved ones.


Are you looking for an investment, provide flexible accommodation, or a rental property in the future? Granny Flats in Perth are an affordable and practical investment that can be tailored to any purpose. We are family-owned and run, and our team will design a space that meets your specific needs.

Comfort and convenience are key elements in the design. The living area must feel inviting and comfortable. An open living area with less clutter can be a great design choice. You should be able to include all the essentials in your design, without stuffing too much into it.

When discussing comfort with your Granny flat builder in Perth, it is recommended that you follow these tips:


Illuminate the Living Area


These small dwelling units usually have a small floor space and therefore illuminating a space can make it appear larger. A highlight window or raked ceiling will bring light to the space, creating an illusion of greater space.

Light interior colours will increase the feeling of space and openness. If you really want to maximise the lighting in your Granny Flat and make it feel like a home, consider neutral flooring and light walls.


Designing for Space


Superior Choice Granny Flats knows that it’s the small things that count. We’re passionate about making smart design choices that add comfort and functionality to every space. To save space in the bathroom, you can install wall-mounted tapware, wall lights to reduce clutter on your bedside tables, and sliding doors rather than hinged doors to minimise opening space.

A lever handle on the door instead of a twist handle can make it safer and more convenient for an elderly relative who lives in the granny flat. You could also install a handrail or non-slip tape on any outdoor steps. It might be choosing slip-resistant flooring such as carpet over laminate. Our granny flat builders can help you make your granny flat fit your needs.


Stock Up to The Ceiling Height


If you don’t plan your space well, the limited space will quickly become crowded and feel cramped. Your granny flat builders can build shelves and cupboards that reach the ceiling. This will create more storage space. You will have more space to store your stuff and less clutter in the living area.


Don’t Block the Views


A property that has long view views makes it feel larger. Therefore, you should maintain clear lines of sight throughout. As well as furniture pieces, stairwell walls, narrow windows, and doors can reduce the line of sight. Open plan designs work well in small spaces.

You can create long lines of sight in your granny flat by thinking about how you want them to be placed. These are important considerations to keep in mind as you plan your floor plan.


Make a Study Nook


It can be difficult and costly to create an office in your granny flat. However, it is not difficult to design a study corner. You will need a small amount of space. A builder should be capable of designing a desk within the available wall space. This is a great place to spend study time in a small, but comfortable space.


Create an Island Bench, Or A Breakfast Bar


The more functionality you add to your unit, the better it will feel. You can make the most of your space by adding an island bench and/or a breakfast bar. Your granny flat builder can give you the best recommendations for what to do with your kitchen space. A breakfast bar can be used as an alternative space for eating and storage.


Add a Garden


Gardens don’t just make your granny house look great. They are also an important element of comfort. You can make a significant difference by simply adding a gutter or trench to grow plants. This will create a space outside for everyone to relax. Comfort is also about how things look.


Add A Deck or Patio to Your Backyard


There are many ways that you can bring the outside into your granny-flat to make it more comfortable.

  • You can create an indoor-outdoor living space by adding a deck or patio made of timber. Contact One Stop Patio Shop for all your patio needs.
  • Bi-fold doors create a feeling of greater space.
  • A kitchen servery window that is connected to the outside can provide convenience and comfort.


Everything You Need to Know


Although the idea of building Granny Flats can be very exciting, it is important to do your research before you rush into anything. Before you begin the process, make sure to consult your local council about any building restrictions. You may need to meet minimum block sizes, floor spaces, or guidelines regarding the use of your dwelling. Some states prohibit anyone from living in granny flats except their immediate family members. They also require utilities, such as water and electricity, to be shared between the granny flats and the main house. All plumbing and electrical work must be done only by licensed tradespeople.

You should also be aware of the laws if you plan to rent out your granny flat out. You will need to provide a fully equipped kitchen, separate access to your dwelling, and separately connected water and gas.


Your Local Granny Flat Builders


Superior Choice Granny Flats are passionate about making sure that the building process is enjoyable and stress-free for all our customers. Superior Choice Granny Flats has a highly qualified team that includes design consultants, customer service representatives, and a reliable construction crew. Get in touch with us today and we can help you with your next project.