Whether you are looking for a new home office away from the kids or building for the future and designing a space for extended family to stay, Superior Choice Granny Flats has the knowledge to help assist you in designing and developing the right granny flat for your home.


Superior Choice Granny Flats has more than 20 years’ experience in building quality homes and we pride ourselves on constructing the best quality granny flats in Perth. So as a preferred granny flat builder our dedicated team of consultants have put together a checklist for you to help design the perfect granny flat for you.



The most important thing to consider when you’re looking to design your granny flat is what’s it really for?

Different purposes require a different approach to the design.

For example, a home office or teen space is unlikely to need a fully-functioning kitchen and so a design like The Venice is more than likely to be sufficient. At 32m2 it is the smallest in our range, but a perfect size to attach to your existing residence.

Independence is often very important to older relations, so if you’re planning on providing a granny flat for extended family, a design such as The Miami is probably a better fit. A fully functioning dwelling in its own right, The Miami is complete with a kitchen and breakfast bar and offers plenty of cupboard space.

A two-bedroom granny flat is most common when it comes to the rental market, so if you’re planning on renting out your granny flat, our advice is to ensure you opt for a design that has more than one bedroom. Both The Santa Monica and The Vancouver are good options from our granny flat range in Perth.

If you are looking to rent out your granny flat, we highly recommend contacting your local real estate agent to find out how much rent you are likely to receive for your granny flat before you start work. You may have more in your budget to work with than you realise!

Ultimately, putting some thought into whether you have the right structure for the right purpose is the first step in the design process.



Our advice is to take as much care in designing your granny flat as you would any other room in your home. Ensure that you account for wear and tear and invest in making sure your granny flat is durable. Our team of consultants look forward to discussing your ideas and preferences regarding the colour palette and finishes.

From weatherproof paint to the floors and kitchen bench, we advocate choosing the best materials right from the outset to offer lasting value to your build. If and when you come to sell your house, it really will make all the difference.

At Superior Choice Granny Flats our custom granny flats in Perth are built to last and we provide both a seven-year structural warranty plus a 12-month defect period on all our builds.


Spacial Awareness

Conscious of the limitations in space, our experience as a granny flat builder led us to The Santa Monica design. Ideal if you are restricted with available land space.

Whether you choose one of our existing designs or opt for a custom granny flat design, our Perth-based design consultants will help you to maximise the use of space. Our team are more than happy to arrange a site visit to inspect the site and give you some feedback on what is achievable before we move on to the next stage.

For example, our approach would always be to ensure (where possible) the main living areas to the granny flat face north. This way we ensure you get the sun and incorporate passive solar heating into the flat to significantly reduce the cost of your energy bills.

There are other things you might like to consider to optimise your use of space. Such as combining the laundry and bathroom into one room.


Building Approval

It is essential for you to have planning permission and building approval before we begin.

But don’t worry! We are an expert granny flat builder and Superior Choice Granny Flats will take care of this for you.

In the interest of transparency, you may like to read the WA Government’s guidelines on granny flats. Although commonly called granny flats, the WA Government refers to them as “ancillary dwellings” and you can find a Fact Sheet regarding them here. It contains some useful information, particularly if you are planning on renting it out.

Please also note that different local councils have different rules and regulations when it comes to ancillary dwellings and maximum floor space.

In addition to the planning permission and building approval, your granny flat will also need to legally meet the energy efficiency standards. Once again, you are in expert hands with Superior Choice Granny Flats and this is something you will not need to worry about as we have it in hand.


Quick Checklist

At Superior Choice Granny Flats our custom design consultants will help you with every aspect of your granny flat build. But here are a few thought starters for you to consider before you book your appointment and come in and see us:

How many bedrooms do you want?

Do you have space for an outdoor alfresco area?

How will the granny flat occupant get to the residence?

Does accessibility and the living space need to be wheelchair friendly?

Do you require air conditioning/heating?

Do you want fly screens and key locks on your windows/doors?

Do you want French Doors?

Do you want wall tiles in the bathroom?

Do you want a frameless shower screen?

Is your property clear of trees?


We Specialise In Design, Approval & Construction


At Superior Choice Granny Flats we craft home additions in all shapes and sizes and look forward to discussing your project.

Contact us today to arrange a meeting or come and visit us at our showroom in Canning Vale south of Perth.

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